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What are the frequently asked questions about baby wipes?

Update:03 Feb
Q1: Why do baby wipes not contain fragrance?
A: Fragrance is one of the common sources of skin allergies. Excessive contact with the skin may cause skin irritation or allergies. Excessive fragrance may also cause discomfort to the baby. There is no fragrance added in baby wipes, which is safer for babies.
Q2: Why do wet wipes occasionally bulge?
A: The expansion of wet wipes is generally related to incorrect storage methods. When the wet wipes are exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight, the water in the wet wipes evaporates and causes swelling. Please open the seal in time to discharge the internal air, and the product quality will not be affected. Correct storage method: Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, which will easily cause moisture to evaporate.
Q3: What characteristics should a good quality wet wipe have? For consumers and dealers, what are the simple and convenient ways to identify the quality of wet wipes? What should be paid attention to in the use of wet wipes?
A: It is recommended to pay attention to the following points when choosing wet wipes:
(1) From the appearance, the wet wipes should not have hair loss or chipping; the main body of the wet wipes should be white and soft, but the whitening effect should not be obtained through fluorescent whitening agents; there should be no obvious dust. Soft-packed wet wipes should not have swelling. If there is swelling, there may be microbial contamination.
(2) The liquid content should meet the standard requirements, it should not be too dry, and the packaging should also be well sealed to prevent the liquid contained in it from volatilizing during storage and use.
(3) There is no peculiar smell or musty smell. Good wet wipes are not easily contaminated by fungi or bacteria after being opened for use. If you find black spots or musty smell on the wet wipes after opening for a period of time, they may be contaminated by microorganisms, so do not use them again. Keep your hands clean when taking wet wipes, and seal the package in time after use to prevent the liquid from evaporating.
(4) The label of wet wipes should meet the requirements of the "Management Specifications for Disinfection Product Labels and Instructions" and "Requirements for Writing Contents of Disinfection Product Labels and Instructions". , zip code, hygiene license number of the production enterprise, product implementation standard number, net content, shelf life, and qualified quality; sanitary wipes should also be marked with bactericidal active ingredients and their content, method of use, scope of use, and precautions.